The Bearded Chef is a brand that’s been created for all the true food lovers, a real sauce for the real foodie at heart. In a world where many food blogs exist, it’s hard to narrow down all your favourite foods into one place, so many great blogs and so many creative artists; it can all leave you quite exhausted. That’s where we come in, presenting you with the very best of every cuisine, we’ve narrowed it all down onto one platform. We source, capture and present the tastiest foods so you don’t have to.

Based in the heart of London, distance is something that rarely limits us; we travel all over the UK making sure we’re cooking the foods people love. The brand is only the beginning, it’s where it all starts. For two years The Bearded Chef has been catering for nearly all types of events such as weddings, social gatherings, outdoor and indoor dinner parties and private dinner events. You name it we’ve done it. We can see that over the last couple of years we’ve gained the trust of our clients, which is why they keep coming back. The Bearded Chef brings its services right to your doorstep, specialising in the art of BBQ, cured meats and everything in between, we really push the idea of bringing cooking back to its roots.

Our mission is to feed people. We’re willing to go that extra length to make sure that we’ve got the best recipes out there, taking the most creative culinary ideas and teaching them to those that want to learn. If we can’t teach it to you, we’ll feed it to you. “How?” you ask, well our recipes are put up for everyone to share so you can give it a go yourself; we also sell the products we use in our very own online deli (Coming Soon).

So there you have it, The Bearded Chef, a destination for you to delve into the art of great food

It's who we are.