Serves: 2 
Overall cooking time: 20 mins
Overall prep time: 30 mins


400g Fava Beans
250g Chick Pea’s
5 cloves Garlic
1 Lemon
1tbsp Salt
1tbsp Pepper
2tbsp Olive Oil


1. Place a medium-sized pot on the hob.

2. Open, drain and wash the can fava beans using a sieve, empty into the pot

4. Open, drain and wash the tin of chickpeas using a sieve, empty in the pot also.

5. Fill the pot with boiling water from the kettle until about an inch over the contents.

6. Boil on high heat for 15 mins or until water is level or slightly over the contents.

7. While it is boiling, squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon and set aside.

8. Also while boiling, crush the garlic cloves using a pestle and mortar or garlic crusher utensil, set aside until the fava beans and chickpeas have finished boiling.

9. Drain them using a sieve, leaving roughly a third of the water.

10. Add the lemon and the crushed garlic and mix together.

11. Add the salt and pepper.

12. Using the bottom of a jar or glass, inside the saucepan begin crushing all the contents until all has become thick and juicy.

13.Pour the contents into bowls for serving

14. Finally, drizzle the olive oil over it.


This dish goes amazing with a variety of fresh raw vegetables, neatly plated and seasoned using salt and pepper, check out the images below for a little inspiration.