Who is The Bearded Chef?

The Bearded Chef is me! My names Adam, I came up with the idea a few years back when sitting in a car and looking at my beard in the door mirror of a friends car, we both sat there thinking of possible career paths and BAM! it popped up and ever since that day it stuck.  A lot of the content is directed by me, whenever you see us or we thats referring to the rest of the team, TBC is a team effort and it isnt just me putting this all together, different aspects of the blog and brand are mostly team efforts. Did you actually think I EAT all of this food by myself?

Can we feature the blog on our own website?

TBC is always in interested in trendy collaborations, we love working with other business, individuals and brands, just drop us an enquiry or drop us an email and we’ll work on something amazing.

How can we feature on #thebeardedchef Instagram page?

You can DM the account directly or Email us at admin(at)thebeardedchef.co.uk.

What cuisines do you specialise in?

There isn’t one imparticular, there are actually many! it all depends on how we’re feeling on that day espanolfarm.com. There’s a few main cuisines that we’re into like Lebanese and Italian and recently there’s been a Turkish and a Japanese Ethos sweeping through the kitchen, but in all due honesty really it’s about what dish comes to mind or where the inspiration takes us. Before the blog was set up it was a complete mishmash of dishes, but recently it’s sort of taken firm direction and soothingly settled upon generic cuisines.

What did you use to design your website?

The website is a WordPress template that has been broken and completely redesigned. The Theme used is Mountain-Wp-Theme.

What Camera and Lenses do you use?

Well, it all depends on the task at hand. More than likely 9/10 times we’re using a Canon 70D with either a Canon 50mm f/1.8 or a Standard Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. For some of the recent video shots, were using an iPhone 6S and shooting in 4K.